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Landscaping means more than manicured lawns and beautiful planting beds. To achieve astounding and long- lasting results, a landscaped area must also have adequate water drainage. Without drainage, plant roots rot, weeds grow and mosquitoes invade. One of the most effective techniques for accomplishing proper drainage is professional landscape grading.  Bluemel's has all the machinery and knowlege needed to solve any drainage issues that may exist on your property.  Rest assured that proper drainage will exist if we are providing any landscape installation services to you as well.

Grading your landscape is only the beginning. After we've established a positive downward slope, we'll decide how to funnel water off your land.  Drain pipes (or tile as it is commonly referred as) and French drains are very common options that we implement and work very well.   Using drain tile, we'll find a downward slope on your property to funnel the water away.  If there isn't an option for funneling, we'll then most likely implement the French drain solution.   Bluemel's will avoid at all costs to deposit water directly into a sewer or municipal drain line as well as funnel water to adjacent neighboring homes.

Whatever system we decide to implement, you can be sure that we will effectively remove water without taking soil with it. Drain tiles are excellent for this; French drains also minimize erosion. Erosion destabilizes the ground and leaches nutrients from the soil.


Landscape grading is an essential tool in your landscaping arsenal. Check for problems early and often. It's always easier to fix a new, small problem than an established, pervasive one.  Whatever the proble, big or small, always know that Bluemel's has the soulution!  Set up your free consultation today!


(414) 282-4220

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The most comprehensive long-term solution for poor water drainage is landscape grading.  Water pools on level ground.  To encourage better flow, consider having Bluemel's professionally grade the area so water flows down and out away from the property.  Keep in mind that it's easiest to grade your landscape during the designing phase; if you wait until your plants have established themselves, grading can be extremely disruptive and may damage your plants extensively.

Drainage problems or concerns?


If you've ever experienced drainage issues before, you'll agree that figuring out a sloution can be, uh- well, draining.  A drainage strategy is the foundation of productive, beautiful landscaping. Without proper drainage, your landscape cannot produce the desired results. Drainage is one of the first issues we look at when establishing new lawns or garden beds, since typically it tends to be the first culprit when problems arise.  To fix any drainage problems you may have, we'll find the problem spots and implement effective drainage solutions.


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(414) 282-4220



(414) 282-4220