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Bluemel's offers a nice selection of premium, high-quality nursery stock.  This is a new addition to our retail department, so varieties will be added as this area grows.  We've consulted with our Landscape Division and chose to offer a mix of unique as well as popluar varieties.

Barberry - ‘Crimson Pygmy’

Full sun, 18” tall x 2-3’ wide

Slow growing, compact form of red leaved Barberry. It's an excellent choice for a sunny foundation planting or great as a low hedge in the landscape. It's known for its deep, dark red leaves that turn orange-red come fall.


Boxwood - ‘Green Velvet’

Full sun to full shade, 2-3’ tall x 3’wide

An excellent, broad-leaf evergreen shrub. It is a rather slow-growing boxwood, with a low-rounded form, but it retains its good green color all winter long. This plant works great for hedges or foundation planting in protected sites. This is by far the best plant available for low hedges.


Juniper - ‘Blue Chip

Full sun, 1’ tall x 6-8’ wide

Superior low evergreen shrub displaying silver-blue foliage on a widely spreading habit. The foliage retains its rich color all year long. A durable, tough groundcover for edging driveways. Plant on slopes or along retaining walls for erosion control. Deer resistant.


Double Knock Out Rose - ‘Radtko’

Full sun, 3-4’ tall x 3-4’ wide

Continuously produces double vibrant red flowers with a slight spicy apple fragrance. It is resistant to black spot and downy mildew. It has all of the same excellent qualities of Knock-out with double the number of petals making it a nice full bloom shrub rose.


Euonymus (Dwarf Burning Bush) - ‘Fire Ball Select’

Full sun to full shade, 5-7’ tall x 5-7’ wide

A more compact and smaller version of the regular size burning bush. Don't mistake the smaller size to have less of the gorgeous red fall color, it still packs a lot of punch! Be sure to plant in full sun for the best results. This bush is excellent as a hedge as it only needs to be pruned once a year. Be sure to prune to keep a compact form.


Hydrangea ‘Annabelle’

Full sun to partial shade, 4-5’ tall x 3-5’ wide

A large 10-12" snow-white globe that will pop in your landscape. It is more of a low growing shrub only getting to be 3-4 feet high. The rich, green foliage will stand-out against the white flower heads. Its sturdy stems support flowers, blooms very dependably. Japanese Beetles don't like this plant.


Hydrangea ‘Endless Summer Bailmer’

Full sun to partial shade, 3-4’ tall x 4-5’ wide

Beautiful pink (or blue flowers in acidic soils) all summer long making this Bailey Nursery introduction a hot item. Flowers are produced on both old wood and new wood. The blooms are up to 8" across. Removal of old flowers will encourage new blooms. A warm season plant, not coming out of dormancy until late.


Hydrangea ‘Endless Summer Twist-n-Shout’

Full sun to partial shade, 3-5’ tall x 3-5’ wide

The latest release from the Endless Summer Collection, is a hydrangea lover’s dream come true.   A true re-bloomer that is hardy to Zone 4 and heat tolerant to Zone 9 makes this adaptable hydrangea a natural choice for your garden or outdoor focal point. The Twist-n-Shout flowers on both old and new growth all summer long.


Hydrangea ‘Endless Summer Bloomstruck’

Full sun to partial shade, 3-4’ tall x 4-5’ wide

Displaying vivid purple or rose-pink flower heads, BloomStruck is the newest Hydrangea macrophylla variety in the collection. It has sturdy red stems and big, beautiful blooms all summer long.


Hydrangea ‘Invincibelle Ruby’

Full sun to partial shade, 2-3’ tall x 2-3’ wide

The dark burgundy red flower buds of Invincibelle Ruby open to a two-toned combination of bright ruby red and silvery pink. The foliage is extra dark and stems are strong, making this new hydrangea a gem in any garden. It is a strong rebloomer that will be an excellent addition to any garden.


Hydrangea ‘Limelight’

Full sun to partial shade, 6-8’ tall x 5-7’ wide

A bold, yet elegant Peegee hydrangea selection that has a profusion of bloom. Lime green flowers emerge in July and age to white and continue to evolve to pink and burgundy colors by fall and remain on the plant. Hugely floriferous and very vigorous.


Hydrangea ‘Pinky Winky’

Full sun to partial shade, 6-8’ tall x 6-8’ wide

A Proven Winner that arose from the popular Pink Diamond Hydrangea. Large, full flowers are more than a foot long and have a full appearance because they have almost double the petal count. A hardy, woody shrub for sunny to partly sunny locations. Sturdy stems support the flowers.


Hydrangea Oakleaf ‘Ruby Slippers’

Full sun to partial shade, 3-3.5’ tall x 4-6’ wide

A profusion of exceptionally large, white blooms in summer quickly age to deep pink. Robust blooms remain upright even after heavy rains. Dark green, deeply lobed oak-like foliage turns brilliant mahogany in fall. Compact form works in smaller landscapes. Useful for mass planting, hedge or border. Deciduous.


Sweetspire 'Little Henry Sprich'

Full sun to partial shade, 2-3’ tall x 2-3’ wide

Little Henry Virginia Sweetspire, Itea virginica 'Sprich, is a dwarf ornamental shrub with summer flowers and fall color. Plant several en masse for a naturalized look to brighten up a drab side yard, or use just one as a foundation planting. With its small stature, Little Henry Sweetspire would even do well in a container for your patio.


Flowering Quince 'Double Take Orange Storm'

Full sun to partial shade, 3-4’ tall x 3-4’ wide

Big, richly colored, double flowers provide a stunning early spring display. Drought tolerant once established, it may be pruned to shape after flowering. Intense spring color. Good for cut flowers. Thornless and deer resistant, it does not produce fruit.


Rose of Sharon 'Blush Satin Mathilde'

Full sun to partial shade, 8-12’ tall x 4-6’ wide

Large, single, soft blushing pink flowers with a prominent eye appear in late summer. Strong growing and easy to grow, this adaptable hardy hibiscus selection will thrive in most gardens.


Deutzia 'Yuki Cherry Blossom'

Full sun to partial shade, 2’ tall x 2’ wide

A shower of elegant pink flowers creates a carpet of color. Great for mass plantings because of its neat, mounded habit and burgundy-purple fall color, this tough, adaptable plant makes an excellent groundcover, especially on a sunny slope.  Deer resistant.










Lilac - ‘Bloomerang Dark Purple’

Full sun, 5-6’ tall x 5-6’ wide

A Lilac that would re-bloom throughout the summer was unheard of in the past. Now with the Bloomerang Dark Purple Lilac, its extended the range of Lilacs even further with a larger size and flowers while still providing those continuous, fragrant burgundy flowers everyone loves.


Lilac - ‘Bloomerang Purple Penda’

Full sun, 4-5’ tall x 4-5’ wide

Enjoy classic Lilac fragrance for months instead of weeks! This revolutionary new type of lilac blooms in spring, and after a short rest during the heat of summer, it flowers again, right up until frost. Compact, mounded shape fits easily into any landscape, and is ideal as a hedge or foundation planting. Lovely accent for a container or mixed border. Good powdery mildew resistance.


Lilac - ‘Bloomerang’

Full sun, 4-5’ tall x 6’ wide

Flowers are lavender and fragrant, but the surprise comes from recurrent bloom until frost. This is a compact, mounded plant only getting 4-5' tall and can spread to about 6' or so. You can keep this plant smaller by renewal pruning.


Lilac - ‘Miss Kim’

Full sun, 6-7’ tall x 5-6' wide

Somewhat larger in size than the Palibin Lilac variety. This lilac has larger leaves and the habit is more oval than mounded. The large lavender flower trusses fade to a pale pink as the season wears on. If you're looking for a late blooming lilac, the Miss Kim is for you because the blooms are later than hybrid French lilacs.


Ninebark - ‘Diablo Monlo’

Full sun, 10’ tall x 8’ wide

Introduced in the USA by McKay Nursery Company. It is a purple-leaved selection from Germany. Leaves emerge a coppery color and darken as they age to a rich deep burgundy. Pink flower buds open to a creamy white in late May or early June. An excellent upright spreading plant to about 8'. A nice specimen, hardy and pest-free.


Ninebark 'Summer Wine'

Full sun, 5-6’ tall x 5-6’ wide

Summer Wine combines the fine texture and compact branching of Physocarpus Nana with the dark foliage of Physocarpus Diabolo. Season long purple foliage is covered with soft pink flowers in late summer.


Potentilla - ‘Gold Drop’

Full sun, 2-2.5’ tall x 2-2.5’ wide

More compact form compared to the other potentilla varieties. It showcases deep yellow flowers all summer long until October. It works best if planted along walkways/borders in the garden. They are low maintenance plants.


Red Twig Dogwood - ‘Bailey’

Full sun to partial shade, 8-10’ tall x 8-10’wide

Very attractive red stems in winter and hands down the reddest stemmed variety by far. There are flat clusters of white flowers around late spring into summer (May-June) followed by tiny plump blue fruits. This dogwood's delicious fruits will attract birds to your garden.


Red Twig Dogwood - 'Elegantissima'

Full sun to partial shade, 6-8’ tall x 4-6’wide

Variegated leaves, attractive berries, stunning fall color and showy red stems in winter make this wonderful shrub for all seasons! Vigorous and adaptable, naturally forms a thicket of upright, blood red stems. White berries are often tinged blue or green. Ideal for naturalizing. Best color in full sun. Deciduous.


Spirea - 'Grefsheim'

Full sun, 4-5’ tall x 4-5’ wide

A dense, compact shrub with arching branches. Small white flowers cover the entire branches in April or early May before the leaves. The leaves are small and a gray-green color. Make sure to prune only after bloom. This shrub does blooms on last year's wood.


Spirea - ‘Goldflame’

Full sun, 2-3’ tall x 3-4’ wide

Dense, upright mounded shrub features attractive bronze-tinged new growth in spring, maturing to soft yellow-green. Fall foliage color is brilliant coppery-orange. Provides wonderful contrast in shrub borders. Good heat tolerance. Deciduous.


Spirea - ‘Magic Carpet Walbuma’

Full sun to partial shade, 18” tall x 18” wide

A new compact selection with new red growth, which changes to a dark green color. The deep pink flowers are borne in profusion. Fall color is bright red to russet and holds late into fall. Re-blooms if deadheaded.


Viburnum - ‘Spring Red Compact’

Full sun to partial shade, 4-4.5’ tall x 4-4.5’ wide

A nice compact selection with short internodes. It has red foliage in spring, which then turns to green by summer. Somewhat upright in growth habit, has little or no fruit and has fabulous red-orange fall color. This shrub has an extremely uniform shape.


Viburnum - 'Alfredo'

Full sun to partial shade, 5-6’ tall x 5-6’ wide

A dense, broad habit and has good summer foliage and excellent red fall color. Viburnum trilobum is rounded in form and fairly dense. The leave are lustrous medium to dark green, turning yellow to purple in the fall. The white flowers are similar to V. opulus, blooming late spring, on 4 inch cymes. Produces edible round fruit. Excellent choice for screening and informal hedging.


Weigela - ‘Minuet’

Full sun, 2-3’ tall x 2-3’ wide

One of the best, dwarf cultivars with excellent hardiness. This little gem only gets about 2-3' tall and spreads 2-3' wide. Great plant for foundations, or small shrub border, or even used in perennial beds. Flower buds are red, which open to a lilac purple and a yellow throat. From a distance, the blooms take on a pinkish - purple look.


Weigela - ‘Wine and Roses Alexandra’

Full sun, 3-4’ tall x 3-4’ wide

A new cultivar of Weigela developed in the Netherlands that has incredibly dark burgundy-purple foliage throughout the growing season. In contrast, the flowers are a bright rosy pink.

crimson-pygmy-barberry1 green velvet double knockout burning bush hydrangea hydrangea endless summer Twist-N-Shout invincibelle limelight pinky winky Hydrangea -Ruby-Slippers-Oak-Leaf-Hydrangea Juniperus_Blue_Chip lilac penda bloomerang miss kim ninebark potentilla red twig dogwood spirea goldflame magic carpet spirea viburnum_spring_red weigela minuet weigela wine and roses alexandra

Please note that this is a general list.  Some varieties may be out of stock or may not be listed.  Always call to verify.

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