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Greenfield, Wisconsin

4930 W. LOOMIS RD.

(414) 282-4220

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Did you know that the average snowfall in a Wisconsin winter is 52"?!  That is over 4 feet of snow which equates to a lot of shoveling and back pain.  Why not leave all that back-breaking work to us? With over 50 trucks and equipment at our disposal, Bluemel’s can confidently handle any size or type of winter storm Mother Nature throws at us.  We specialize in residential and commercial properties.  Many snow removal/ salting packages are available to suit anyone’s needs. Contact us today to set up a free consultation.  We'll save you money... and lots of back pain!

  • Efficient Fleet

  • Experienced Crew

  • Personable Service

  • Complete Snow Removal

  • Snow Plowing

  • Snow Relocation

  • Salt Treatment Options

  • Commercial & Residential


Let's face it.  Not many people enjoy waking up at the crack of dawn to shovel or snowblow their driveway so that they can go to work.  What's worse is coming home to even more snow that has fallen while you were at work all day.  Imagine having the peace of mind that your property is free of snow every storm of the season!  Bluemel's takes great joy in taking the burden of snow removal off their customer's hands and minds.  Whether you are a 'busy body' always on the go, a property manager responsible for making sure your tennants or clients are not getting stuck in the snow, Bluemel's provides the excellent service and personal care you demand.  Contact us today!

(414) 282-4220