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Relax!  You can sit back and enjoy the  gorgeous weather spring and fall has to offer while our crews perform the work.  In spring, we will clear the entire property’s landscape of all leaves and debris that may have been leftover from the previous season.


Fall leaf clean-up will occur once in late October, and again during early November.  We will blow out leaves and debris from all planting beds.  Turf areas will be bagged by mowers and left at curbside for city pick-up.  If your municipality does not have pick-up service, please notify us so that we may arrange debris disposal.


Your lawn will then be given it’s first (spring) or final (late fall) cut and all clippings and debris will be bagged.  All shrubbery will receive a light contour pruning if necessary.  All perennials will be cut back to promote the new season's growth in spring or prepped for over-wintering in late fall.  As always, all unwanted debris will then be removed and disposed of.


Bluemel's fully understands that seasons approach us out of nowhere and there you are often wondering to yourself: "When am I going to have time to do that?".  This is just another service offered through our Lawn Care Division for your convenience.  Maybe you have a hectic schedule or simply have a yard too large to maintain yourself?  Either way, always know that Bluemel's is always ready to assist you when the seasons show up on your front doorstep without warning!

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(414) 282-4220